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Bad advice the wealthy get

Having been in the business four decades, there is one trend that hasn’t changed: the ultrawealthy being constantly bombarded with bad ...

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Podcast: Why I love our Client Services and How our Independence made it Possible

Great chat with Mindy Diamond on how I love our services we offer financial advisory clients. And how it only became possible when we became ...

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Stop wrapping your furniture in plastic

I have memories of an elderly aunt of mine wrapping her couch in plastic, which was quite common in the 50’s and 60’s. To me, this has ...

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The ultrawealthy’s struggle with generosity

Behavior and psychology play a big part in your wealth accumulation experience, as much as (some may argue even more than) the technical. ...

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What “Air” teaches us about risk and return

The new film “Air” showcases the story of Nike as a relatively new company started by Phil Knight out of the trunk of his car, who hires ...

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